Multiply your business figures with Instagram!

Multiply your business figures with Instagram!

With around 1 billion photos being liked every day and approximately around 1 million perfectly active users every month along with online giant images and videos sharing social forum, Instagram can help you get connected with socially active consumers. Crossing the recent 300 million users mark, Instagram, over the past few years, has also become an effective online tool for most of the marketers. Through Instagram your business can actually reach out to a colossal customer network. To further help you out, here is the Instagram marketing strategy.


Create a distinct business account

You may be quite active in Instagram sharing all kinds of selfies and group pics with your friends. But it is important to understand that marketing is actually all about YOUR business and not about YOU. Create an optimized business account along with a consistent profile pic, that at the same time would look professional. Along with that, ensure to provide the official link of your website, embedded in it. Choose a typical Instagram name that would definitely be relevant to your business. The sole target is to remain perfectly recognizable. Include quite a lot of short yet crisp details of your business in the “bio”. And never miss skipping a convincing tone while writing it. It is here where you can actually attract more customers.


Build your own hashtag community

Instagram is a place where newsfeeds are refreshed almost every minute. Due to this, there are high chances for your respective content to be buried, almost forever. The only way to keep your business posts immortal is via hashtags. When getting linked with a keyword, it is easier and simpler for your respective audience to reach up to you. Furthermore, it’s important to make use of the right hashtags instead of randomly choosing a few of them. Here is a trick! Do some homework for keyword volume research? At the same time, create some trendy or popular regional or local hashtags like #Torontofestival or #Torontofashion combining them with specific brand hashtags.


Popularize your customers

The biggest critic of your business has to be your customers. The sole method to brand your company in the most significant way is by telling the story through their viewpoint. While there are already thousands of customer reviews, it is better to select the most appropriate ones and reveal them by showcasing their experiences every now and then. Appreciating your customers can also help you strengthen brand values. For example, Starbucks uses this extremely clever step of appreciating their followers. Shouting out to some of the coolest image makers, Starbucks had even updated their Facebook covers, with Instagram photos uploaded by their customers. This step made their fans fall for them all over again.


Focus on perfect professional and creative pictures

Without the right clicks, each and every step can be a total failure. With about 67% of customers considering detailed pictures or images to be more valuable, it becomes primarily important to post relevant and professional pictures. Post and share photos that are not just creative but are also attention grabbing. At the same time, to grab some more eyeballs, size your photos and use Instagram filters to create an overall “Look at me ONLY” look. In a recent study conducted by TrackMaven, in order to check out the effects of filters for engagement, it has been seen that Mayfair, Inkwell and no filter drove the most interaction. For better results, place yourselves in the shoes of your customers and judge what may suit the picture.


Create Instagram contests for engaging customers

Creating a contest on Instagram is probably one of the easiest online marketing strategies. Hold a simple hashtag contest, where your respective followers have to upload their images with the required hashtag or you can even run some easy Instagram contests or photo contests offering cool prizes. These contests can not only drive in more fans or followers but can also influence your brand’s presence. It can actually remind your respective fans of the reasons to follow your brand.


Reward your followers

No business can prosper without understanding the core needs and requirements of the targeted audience. While maintaining your editorial calendar, scrutinize the demographic information of your customers and post attractive rewards like discounts or promo codes. Remember what your customers may require and move ahead respectively.


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