10 methods to Increase Traffic

If you wish to increase the online visibility and the traffic of your website you basically have 2 options: You can use the free channels and you can invest money on advertising. As we have explained in previous articles the free channels can bring lots of traffic to your website but they require lots of time and effort. On the other hand a successful ad campaign can bring easier thousands of users to your website and it can help you boost your sales faster. Creating a successful advertising campaign requires careful planning......

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Critical factors in a PPC campaign

Every campaign either in traditional or digital marketing is based on 2 critical factors. The analysis and the decision making at the stage of the planning.   Decision making Identify the audiences, the goals considering the available budget and define what conversion means to your campaign: Brand awareness Sales Registration Just to inform Planning Adwords is a marketing tool which can be successful when used as a part of a general strategy and not as a stand alone action. A careful planning can help you avoid a full-size failure in the competitive......

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Tips for a PPC campaign

You don’t have to be an online marketing genius to know the basics of PPC – the name itself, ‘Pay Per Click’, sums up the concept fairly effectively. But probe a little deeper into the process, and there are nuances that are worth considering if you want to take your PPC campaign to the next level – here are just a few of the elements that go into crafting a successful campaign.   Bid Optimisation Just because you’re paying for each click, it doesn’t mean that all ads – and all clicks,......

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