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Go Beyond: Social Media Content Strategy

Quality social media content can set you apart from competitors, keep your brand in customer’s top of mind and enhance your positioning as leader provided that content is the center of your online marketing strategy. Setting clear goals through different aspects of social media content management is a prerequisite for a successful online strategy. Content and Platforms Blog posts, status updates, videos, contests, tweets, poll questions, infographics and photos… Choose responsibly the ideal social media channel and always consider your business objectives. Monitor where your audience is present and active so that......

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Multiply your business figures with Instagram!

With around 1 billion photos being liked every day and approximately around 1 million perfectly active users every month along with online giant images and videos sharing social forum, Instagram can help you get connected with socially active consumers. Crossing the recent 300 million users mark, Instagram, over the past few years, has also become an effective online tool for most of the marketers. Through Instagram your business can actually reach out to a colossal customer network. To further help you out, here is the Instagram marketing strategy.   Create a distinct......

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Social signals & social media presence

Social signals play a significant role on Search Engines Rankings as an effective link building method whilst data deriving from social media is largely used by Search Engines.   What is the goal? To increase website traffic and revenue. Social signals improve rankings in an indirect and direct way. They have a direct impact on organic SEO through the number of people that like a page, the shares, likes, number of followers, fans and tweets while the indirect effect depends on inbound links (thanks to increased brand awareness and online visibility), positive......

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