Social signals & social media presence

Social signals & social media presence

Social signals play a significant role on Search Engines Rankings as an effective link building method whilst data deriving from social media is largely used by Search Engines.


What is the goal?

To increase website traffic and revenue.

Social signals improve rankings in an indirect and direct way. They have a direct impact on organic SEO through the number of people that like a page, the shares, likes, number of followers, fans and tweets while the indirect effect depends on inbound links (thanks to increased brand awareness and online visibility), positive reviews (through improved website analytics results e.g bounce rate, time on site, new visitors.

The value of social signals as a ranking factor increases, affecting the ranking algorithm and will possibly even surpass links as the top ranking factor for increased rankings.


In a world where:

  • Social media is increasing its power and new generation spends more time on these channels interacting with brands.
  • People trust a brand much more if recommended by their friends in social media and brands with strong social presence lead to higher conversion rates and word-of mouth brand awareness, it is almost sure that social signals are becoming the “new” link.


You can now launch your social media presence in 5 immediate steps:

  1. Register your brand with social media channels of increasing power including Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+.
  2. Create onsite elements leading to sites, like share buttons, connect buttons (like buttons).
  3. Create a blog that will be your onsite content engine and update it with valuable and articles rich in links and topics.
  4. Integrate social media and your website’s blog to announce through all channels new blog posts and take full advantage of share and connect buttons already mentioned before.
  5. Prepare the right content for the right audience, here’s our advice for Social Media Copywriting


Opt in on high quality social media campaigns and create qualitative social signals considering that Google takes into account indication of quality above all when it comes to ranking.

Social signals play a significant role in terms of their impact on SEO. Businesses, that have already took into account their social media presence have increased their conversion rates a lot in comparison with businesses that have not. Furthermore, their rankings have climbed up.

By simply establishing your presence on the social media channels as mentioned above you have a good chance to build up the credibility of your brand. Also by participating in social media channels you will succeed in bringing brands closer to your customers.


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