Use AMP to Mobile Pages

What is AMP? It is a project from Google & Twitter, designed to create very fast mobile pages. Google announced the launch of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) project on February 25th. This open source framework was first announced on October 2015 with the goal to provide a fast loading mobile environment for publishers and ultimately a better mobile experience for users.   Why is AMP Implementation Important? AMP implementation actually provides 3 important SEO benefits: The first is that AMP pages are significantly faster compared to non AMP ones (and we......

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Customer Behaviour Analysis

It is almost impossible to build and maintain a dynamic website that works flawlessly every moment and for every customer. It is not a surprise that online customers often face problems such as messages, navigation errors, purchase difficulties, usability issues and much more. Furthermore, consumers usually share their experiences through social networks and blogs. Additionally, they have the tendency to discuss more about bad experiences rather than good ones. Consequently, one poor customer experience can damage brands, their customer loyalty, and their bottom line. Talking with numbers, according to a Digital Customer......

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How to Use Marketing Automation

Your marketing funnel is similar to a well-oiled engine. There are many components within an engine that work together to help things run smoothly. The same goes for your marketing funnel. If one component isn’t working properly, the rest will follow. That’s where marketing automation comes into play. Marketing automation will ensure all components are working properly in order to create one harmonious marketing funnel. Let’s take a quick look at how marketing automation works.   Learn More About Your Leads A major misconception with marketing automation is that it’s the same......

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