Go Beyond: Social Media Content Strategy

Go Beyond: Social Media Content Strategy

Quality social media content can set you apart from competitors, keep your brand in customer’s top of mind and enhance your positioning as leader provided that content is the center of your online marketing strategy. Setting clear goals through different aspects of social media content management is a prerequisite for a successful online strategy.

Content and Platforms

Blog posts, status updates, videos, contests, tweets, poll questions, infographics and photos… Choose responsibly the ideal social media channel and always consider your business objectives. Monitor where your audience is present and active so that you avoid creating an account to every available social channel without a clear focus.


Post at the optimal time using monitor tools to define best time to post and put the significant points first by expressing your main message within the first characters. As soon as you determine frequency and time of posting, then you can create a calendar using tools like Hootsuite or SproutSocial to administer and manage social media channels and all engagement activities: comments, new fans and followers, fans interaction and responding. Post multiple times in a week and decide when: weekday posts, weekend posts or all days of the week?


In regards to your audience, ask the 3Ws question: Why, When, Who Then you can create your brand’s online personality and point of view while interacting with your fans/followers accordingly.


Stimulate interest through a varied yet focused topics selection: education, entertainment, inspiration, promotion or a combination of all? Use how-to suggestions, questions, links to valuable sources, other people sources and promotional content in a valuable mixture.

Tone of Voice

Establish yourself as a leader through selective content and gain followers’ trust. Stay in consistence with your brand’s vision, image and character and always be original.


Social platforms-networks are channels for promotional-advertising content only in a subtle and intelligent manner. Focus finally on a constant engagement through activity, user experiences and life in connection with your brand.


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